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CPaSS, the new eBay Shipping platform

With the unsettled environment around the globe, eBay sellers nowadays face more supply chain challenges than ever. We know that you face greater shipping and logistics challenges than before. Selling through more than one eBay account is a challenge when you need to manage the logistics of multiple accounts. Doing things manually often results in human error, which increases order processing time and operating costs. This hurts your performance and reduces buyer satisfaction.

At eBay, we are committed to providing consistent and reliable shipping solutions for our customers. With that, we are glad to introduce the new eBay shipping platform, CPaSS (Cross-Border Parcel Shipping Solution).

CPaSS aims to address your challenges through a one-stop shipping platform that offers a broad carrier selection and seamless integration with eBay. CPaSS will empower eBay sellers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia to sell globally by offering the following functionality:

  • One-stop account management: manage orders from multiple eBay accounts
  • More carrier options: integrated with 7 global logistics partners
  • E-customs clearance: auto-transfer IOSS for electronic customs clearance
  • Streamlined shipping information flow: hands free label printing process
  • Enhanced SKU management: more effective shipment prepare operation
  • Friendly user interface: handy shipping order management

CPaSS is an upgraded shipping platform that replaces our existing shipping tools in Hong Kong (Ec-Ship –, Taiwan (Taiwan Shipping Tool – and SEA (SEAPaSS –

To familiarize you with CPaSS, we will be organizing ‘CPaSS Introduction’ training sessions. The training will be available in Thai and English with 2 choices of time slots as shown  – please register using the links below. Do note that all content for each session are the same.

Training session (Thai): Thursday, 6th Oct; 3:00pm to 4:00pm (TH time). Register here.

Training session (English): Friday, 7th Oct ; 3:00pm to 4:00pm (SG time). Register here.

Training session (Thai): Tuesday, 11th Oct; 3:00pm to 4:00pm (TH time). Register here.

Training session (English): Thursday, 13th 6th Oct; 2:00pm to 3:00pm (SG time). Register here.

Sell Globally with CPaSS here.

As always, thanks for selling on eBay,

eBay SEA

CPaSS Tutorial Playlist can be found here:

eBay – CPaSS Introduction

eBay CPaSS – Sign up, sign in and preference setting

eBay CPaSS – Handle your orders on CPaSS

eBay CPaSS – Using Aramex Service on CPaSS

eBay CPaSS – Using DHL Express Service on CPaSS


Who is eligible to use CPaSS?

eBay sellers with orders shipping from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

How do I start using CPaSS?

Click “create a CPaSS account” through the link at CPaSS home page ( Once a new CPaSS account is created, add your eBay accounts from the setting page and complete preference settings. You are ready to start!

Who are the carriers I can use on CPaSS?

CPaSS currently supports SpeedPAK (Orange Connex), Hong Kong Post, Taiwan Chunghwa Post, Thailand Post, DHL Express, DHL eCommerce and Aramex. The range of carrier services available will differ based on a number of factors, such as your item location.

Do I need a carrier account to ship by CPaSS?

Depending on each carrier’s requirements, you may need an existing account to print their labels via CPaSS. You can enable carriers through the carrier setting page. Currently, the following carriers do not require carrier accounts to process shipment on CPaSS: (1) Hong Kong Post, (2) Taiwan Chunghwa Post and (3) Thailand Post.

How much do I need to pay when using CPaSS?

CPaSS is completely free to use. However, you will still need to pay the carriers for the shipping labels you use.

Do I need to create a new CPaSS account, if I am a user of HK Ec-ship, eBay Taiwan Shipping Tool, or SEAPaSS?

For HK Ec-ship and eBay Taiwan Shipping Tool users, you will need to create new CPaSS account to use the system. For current SEAPaSS users, you do not need to create new account for CPaSS. You can log in to CPaSS with your existing SEAPaSS account.

Do I need to register a new CPaSS account if I have existing SEAPaSS account?

You do not need to register a new CPaSS account if you are an existing SEAPaSS user.

Do I need to setup the settings on CPaSS if I am an existing SEAPaSS user?

All settings below will be transferred from your SEAPaSS settings to the new CPaSS platform:

  1. Login details – Username and password
  2. Personal account settings
  3. ebay seller accounts linkage
  4. Logistics provider settings
  5. SKU settings

What will happen to my old orders in SEAPaSS.

Orders that have been processed in SEAPaSS will be shown in CPaSS under ‘other shipped orders’ as view only orders. It will not be possible to reprint an old SEAPaSS label.