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First time to CPaSS

Sign up, Sign in and setting preferences.

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Sign Up to CPaSS account

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Create CPaSS Account


Click ‘Create CPaSS account’

Set up a username & password

Fill in the Code, then click ‘Create account’.

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to CPaSS

Fill in your CPaSS username 

Password to sign in to CPaSS

How to Change your CPaSS Account Password

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Forgot the password

Click ‘Forgot password’ and you will be redirected to page to validate your account

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Reset password guide

Click ‘Go to eBay Page’ and you will be redirected to eBay page to validate your account

Fill in your connected eBay account and password

eBay will bring you to the reset password page, then enter your new password

Link additional eBay account

You can link multiple eBay accounts to CPaSS. Simply head to Order/Shipment menu, choose eBay Account, Click Add, then choose eBay Account. That’s it! All your connected eBay account will be included in CPaSS Account page

Step: 1 - Click on order/shipment button

Step: 2 Click on "Add" button

Step: 4 - Check you eBay account

Step: 3 - Click "Agree & Continue"

Next Step

Handle Order on CPaSS

Understand how to process order from multiple eBay accounts on CPaSS.